The first wearable computer is coming to life thanks to our supporters

No more chains

With HIRIS mounts you can wear HIRIS wherever you want and be the superhero you’ve always wanted to be!


Versatile. Expandable. Made in Italy

Designed to fit your needs

HIRIS effortlessly captures your movements and intelligently adapts its features through different widgets. From monitoring your heart ratetemperature and fitness performance to enabling you to control almost any connected device, HIRIS is the only wearable computer that brings style and infinite functionality together as one.

Mix sport and fitness with gesture controlled widgets to get the perfect features you need during your day.

Hands free

HIRIS captures your movements and allows you to improve your fitness and athletic activity while you are controlling the world of technology around you. Keep your hands free while you enjoy your time. Thanks to the Air Touch function, HIRIS allows you to use all its features even when wearing gloves or your hands are wet or dirty, making it usable in any situation.

Enabling gestures, you can interact and intelligently control the world of technology around you with a simple wave of the hand.

Italian design

HIRIS is a hexagonal unit that can be embedded on different mounts to let you use it as you wish. Bracelets, bands, and adhesive mounts allow you to attach it to your wrist, or to place it on any other body part or object.

The hexagon is the most connectable shape in nature, a shape we love, because it reflects the versatility of HIRIS. Just like honeycombs in a bee’s hive, HIRIS’ potential is increased when joined with other Hiris devices or other technologies. HIRIS is modular and limitlessly expandable.


Here’s an example of how HIRIS can be used with other devices. In this video, Michele controls the GoPro on the cameraman’s helmet, and Marco remotely controls his music player, which is playing a playlist on Spotify.

Watch more videos


Use Hiris whenever and wherever you want. We have improved Hiris resistance to water and dust, making it waterproof (IP68).


Thanks to an IMU 9DoF and a pressure sensor HIRIS tracks your 3D movements in real-time. You can use up to 8 HIRIS units to create a full body-tracking system. This cannot be done with Bluetooth Low Energy, so we have implemented Wi-Fi.


HIRIS can be charged with its charger-pad wirelessly, and battery life lasts up to 4 days.



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