2017: some good news!

By January 18, 2017HIRIS Updates

Hello and good year to everyone!

In this post we will talk about three topics:

  • Some additional information about the refund
  • The collaboration with TIM#wcap (2016 ed.)
  • Developments of the HIRIS ecosystem

Refund status

We received all the refund requests that have been submitted before 21 December. the deadline to request a refund. Considering the amount of requests, all the refunds will be made by the end of July 2017 and will be made following the chronological order of the refund requests.

We will not accept new refund requests as long the current requests will not be refunded. There are no delays at the time, but refunds will be made based on the performance of our startup.

In any case, for any questions please mail to refund@gethiris.com

– – –

The acceleration with TIM#wcap



Since last September, we began our adventure with TIM#wcap program in its edition of 2016.

TIM#wcap is the accelerator of TIM that has selected our startup together with other 25 Italian startups to follow a period of acceleration to help grow our company.

It is and it will be a pleasure to follow this path. The acceleration is designed for startup with great potential to let them become structured companies with excellent performance. We must say we are excited for this opportunity.

– – –


The development of HIRIS.IO platform is continuing and its capabilities are increasingly defined. The target date for the publication of the private beta has been delayed because of the commitments resulting from incubation in TIM#wcap and other work we are doing through the activities of our startup (by the way we have also updated our website which you can find here circlegarage.com)

At the moment, we are working to the porting of the local version to the web, giving the access to our supporters as soon as possible.

– – –


You have been able to deduce from the previous post that start mass production with thousands of units it is a trivial matter, especially if you didn’t received investment. For this reason we are carrying out a different, more powerful version of HIRIS Core producible in a less pieces, that can be easily connected to the HIRIS.IO and allow you to control the other devices and apps. This version will increase the final MRSP price, of course not for you, but will be extremely more powerful. Additional details will follow.

– – –

Once again thank you for your support and being part of our adventure,

Marco & Luca

About Marco & Luca

Marco and Luca are the two main founders of Circle Garage and the HIRIS project