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By September 15, 2016HIRIS Updates

Dear friends,

It’s time to stop for a while and get to the point of the situation.

We were convinced, until last June, that this post would have been the one that announced the keenly awaited releasing date of HIRIS. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen and you will find in this post below many news regarding the project’s status, the reasons that brought us to make the decisions we made and how HIRIS will evolve in the near future.

HIRIS has been in continuous development for four years and we’ve gone much further than what the initial idea of the project.

We’ve done everything that a startup has to do: we presented the idea to many international events, we displayed the first prototypes and worked hard day after day to make our idea real and concrete. The credit for our progress is not just ours, but also yours, and this is why we are sharing the following.

We want to keep going forward, but in a different way but we would like you to understand that the path diverges from our initial promises. That being said, we will offer those who no longer wish to continue upon this long path a refund of the Indiegogo pre-order only for the perks that include the Core and the Tracker units.

The issues

We take no pleasure in discussing hurdles with you, but we feel complete transparency is necessary and we will not hesitate to disclose past and future challenges.

On the other hand, it is right to involve you in what we had to face during this year and a half, starting with the accomplishment of the Indiegogo campaign’s goal:

  • First of all, we had to rebuild the entire team (except for the ones that are writing this now) after other members abandoned the project after the Indiegogo campaign.
  • After that, some of our suppliers asked to modify the pre-production prototypes, increasing the time periods and thus the production costs.
  • During the modifications of the new HIRIS prototypes, some expert workers that were paid to reach production goals left us half way through, without completing their projects.
  • Last but not least the investors, who required to modify the Corporate bylaws making us face the bureaucratic expenses for the modification itself and leaving us at the last minute.

The list could be even longer and more detailed but, as we said, we don’t want to complain about what happened but only share this with you. From our side we are responsible for what happened and learn from it.

We never quit in front of these challenges even though they were not easy to face. Our will to solve these situations brought us to make more modifications to HIRIS, especially trying to add functionalities, decrease the production costs and developing related services such as HIRIS APP and HIRIS STUDIO.

The refund possibility

Even though we are still a startup and the crowdfunding campaigns that either fail or change their plans on the way are not supposed to offer the refund possibility, we decided to allow this offer for one simple reason: it’s the right thing to do.

Unfortunately we didn’t run away to the Cayman islands when we had the chance and we invested everything we had to reach the mass production of HIRIS till the very end, and once the resources were exhausted we invested personally on the project in order to keep going forward.

For this reason, the refunds will be given upon request, not all at the same time and either using resources taken from other activities that our start-up is involved in or personal resources.

The refund will include shipping charges, Indiegogo’s commission, PayPal’s commission and local taxes (22%). In so doing, every backers will be totally refunded.

If you want to request a refund , receive information on how to submit your request or just get more information , write us an email to:


It is possible to request the refund until December 20th, 2016 (23:00 Italian time).

Current project status

Many functionalities have been added compared to the prototype presented during the Indiegogo campaign and we want to use such effort to create something even more innovative!

In this last period we’ve worked on many aspects of HIRIS. Here’s a quick view of the new updates.


  • Electronics: after producing the last prototype at the end of last January, we focused on the optimization of the electronic boards. We were not able to produce the last version due to the lack of resources.
  • Mechanics: we accomplished a high-quality detail, we verified, together with the suppliers, the reproducibility of the support components and of the case using the industrial molds and it doesn’t seem to be any problem coming up.
  • Firmware: the basic functionalities of the units are working well. The main topics we focused on were the BLE communication, the user interface and the energy optimization.

Hiris smile


We mostly focused on the Android version.

Below you can find six screen captures that will make you understand better the app structure. The interface has to be reviewed for sure but it’s quite functional for our aim.


  1. Main app screen from which you can switch between three different screens: Home, Apps, and Notifications. On the top you can find the icon to access the general settings and the one to connect several HIRIS. When we did the screen, the only application installed was used to detect the orientation angles of the units: Angles.
  2. Pressing the blue icon “+” in the App, you can access the Home of the HIRIS Store: slider on the top and a section  for the subdivision of the apps in different categories.
  3. Still in the HIRIS Store and the last-published apps are visualized.
  4. Screen that pictures the apps inside the “IoT” category.
  5. A screen template dedicated to the detailed information about a single app.
  6. The BLE management for the connection and the real time data collected by HIRIS.

Let’s start again!

There’s one thing we know for sure: we are able to get back up. We realized it’s not that easy to get rid of us.

We like to think about ourselves like a “cockroach startup”: stubborn till the end, with advantages and, of course, disadvantages. Obviously, we only look at the advantages of being a “cockroach startup”, and we really like it!

Software, Internet of Things and HIRIS

There is only one way to keep going forward: create something simple and “ready to ship”.

Even from the first HIRIS prototypes, we could always connect a webpage to it, with also lights, music tracks, drones… and who knows how many smart objects and applications we would have been able to add if we could focus on this only.

This is what we like about HIRIS: the modularity and the possibility of personalization.

“Alright” – you’ll say – “So what?”

So, we would like to allow everybody to have the possibility to connect as many smart devices as they want to create their own applications even before HIRIS comes out, therefore expanding the HIRIS STUDIO’s skills with new functionalities that are not necessarily related to the HIRIS unit.

For this reason, using the full potential of the developments we’ve achieved so far, we will start again and focus our efforts on the creation of a new platform for the development of applications related to the Internet Of Things world: HIRIS.IO.

The HIRIS.IO will be the updated version of HIRIS STUDIO, a new platform that can be used independently from the HIRIS unit and which is useful for the creation, control and automation of the Internet Of Things’ devices.

The HIRIS APP will initially become the mobile application from where interact with the IOT applications developed using HIRIS.IO and, for HIRIS CORE management.

The HIRIS units (Core and Tracker) will be produced (once we get the funds) and  they will be shipped after the release of the HIRIS.IO.

We know very well the costs that we need to face in order to start producing because this was our aim in the last years. We have lots of paperwork with our suppliers’ estimate.

For this reason, HIRIS.IO will be a platform meant to be used independently from HIRIS. It’ll have a plan for its free use and other “premium” functionalities with fee.

The objective is to offer services that range from the creation of personalised functions for the IOT, to the deployment of applications developed using mobile HIRIS.IO, to the implementation of functionalities with a wearable as HIRIS CORE.

Concentrating on the development of software services allows us to eliminate, at least for now, the production costs related mainly to the hardware.

If you do not ask for the refund…

For who decide not to ask for a refund and follow us in this adventure, starting from the end of September several assisted plans based on the type of contribution that has been given us during the Indiegogo campaign will be studied in order to obtain:

  1. The early access to HIRIS.IO –  as a desktop running version on December 15th 2016
  2. The early access to the online version of the HIRIS.IO – 15th March 2017
  3. The receiving of HIRIS units – September 2017


Thank you! Because even with all the problems we had, the stressful situations and whether you’ll ask for a refund or not, you are the community that allowed us to pursue our dream, no matter what.

Marco e Luca

Marco & Luca

About Marco & Luca

Marco and Luca are the two main founders of Circle Garage and the HIRIS project


  • Marco "Scorpion" says:

    Aspetto! Mi fido, ragazzi! 😉

  • Ciao Marco && Luca,

    As one of the most assiduous KickStarter entrepreneur I saw in first hand the disrupt of ZANO by TorquinGroup in a meaning way – they were very eventfully mad on their quest to prove that they’re the best company to invest… as a total fake it was really!

    I don’t feel like this with you guys. Really.

    All the effort you worked for was absolutely present by the relation with us, your primary target investors… I think we must have that believe in your company (yes, right now is you two with some other guys, but expect the best!) have the ability to deliver us the magic somehow was lost in these four years of development, as the events were not so well expected by the mainstream media (iPhone Watch strikes the market with the strongest effort that big companies always pledge to aim – and some other Android clones too).


    Don’t disregard the fact that you have great opponents on this octagon (sic) arena you must focus on something that cough my attention as start:
    √ IoT (Internet of Things);
    √ BLE;
    √ Smart display;
    √ Small form factor;
    √ Upgradeable and synced to other sensors;
    √ Accessible to many others.

    THESE qualities you must not through away! Keep in mind me and so many others are equally investing in some other things to work tighter with each other, in order to make smart houses, smart cars and other environments as easy and friendly as they even possible in a possible near future.

    Well, I’m not naive as it may look so – my feeling about this is that you are going to make a really good product IF YOU BELIEVE YOU CAN!

    For this (and so other unlimited) reasons I KEEP THE FAITH ON YOU!

    Best &&
    Fábio Romano,

  • Simon G says:

    Ciao guys.
    Thank you for this update. The meer idea of me being able to control my AR Drone with a flick of my wrist had me throwing my money at the screen, I was in back then and I am still in today, I’ve paid for it, as long as I am going to get it all be it a lot later than expected, I’ll be happy. Now get back to work :p


  • Giorgio says:

    Ciao guys!
    I will keep watching your back and support you. Keep up with the good work!

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