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By August 24, 2017HIRIS Updates

Dear friends,

after a silent period, we want to update you with some news about the HIRIS project.

Here it is below the arguments of this post:

  • Refunds
  • HIRIS project
  • Communications

Refunds status

We are happy to inform you that the first tranche of refunds has been concluded on 2 August ’17. We remember you that refunds has been done upon request using resources taken from other activities that our company was involved in. If you are interested on the motivations that bring us here read this post.

New refund tranche

We will launch a new refund phase following the same guidelines of the previous one.

If you want to request a refund, receive information on how to submit your request, write us an email to: refund@gethiris.com

It is possible to request the refund until December 20th, 2017 (23:00 Italian time).

The refund will include shipping charges, Indiegogo’s commission, PayPal’s commission and local taxes (22%). In this way, every backers will be totally refunded.

Once received all the requests, we will give you know an estimated date in which all refunds will be made depending on our company performance.

HIRIS project

During the last year we focused our effort organizing the activities of our company in this way on the HIRIS project we developed:

  • HIRIS.IO: a cloud-based web-platform for IoT applications
  • HIRIS CORE: a device to remote controller IoT applications developed with HIRIS.IO

Obviously it was not easy and it was (and will be) mentally and physically challenging working on different projects and developing HIRIS but we believe in what we are doing. Here’s below the point of the situation.


HIRIS.IO was born from the ashes of the old HIRIS STUDIO. One of our goals was to bring the new platform online as soon as possible and we did it at the beginning of June and performing some alpha testing on the platform with a few testers.

Basic features works smoothly (with some occasional bug) and thanks to the feedback received from the tester we are working to enforce basic features, implement core functionalities (security, databases, communications, …), improve UI/UX and adding new devices to control.

Here it is some pictures:

Now, the access to HIRIS.IO is restricted to alpha testers but you can visit the new website and sign-in to show us your interest and become one of the first users using it.

Here’s the url: https://hiris.io


The new version of the mechanics and of the electronics was ready on the 2nd week of June 2017. The electronic board worked quite good and all the components responded well to operating tests. After a year of hard work redesigning all once more and passing through all the problems described on this post, the production of new prototypes brought us to success…

…until this news: Intel decided to interrupt the production of one of our core components. [Source: Wikipedia | Pdf ]

For this reason, continuing the development and the production of the new HIRIS CORE in this actual version is without sense. So, we are changing this component with another one built by Samsung and making all the changes accordingly.

We will not be able to send you the new HIRIS CORE on this September. We will produce a new prototype as soon as our resources will allow us to do that and then understand how and when distribute the HIRIS CORE.


As you can see, we shut down the majority of our communication channels to decrease the energies to keep them active.


We already warn you about this but there is no problem to repeat that. We will not use the Indiegogo communication channels. If you want to contact us, please read below.

Social networks

Social networks and other similar communication channels need a lot of effort to plan, create and maintain contents such as posts, images and videos. For this reason, we decided to make the relationship with our followers more personal.

We do not know when we will reactivate our social channels and how we will do it but I invite you to write us by email at info@circlegarage.com or contact us through Facebook/Messenger going on our pages. In any case, Messenger is our preferred solution because the communication is more personal, direct and immediate.

@gethiris.com email addresses

All the email related to @gethiris.com are now disabled. The only one will work is refund@gethiris.com

Web sites

Circle Garage has three websites:

Meanwhile circlegarage.com is our institutional landing page where we described what we are able to do when we are not working on HIRIS; we will use the other two websites as described below.

gethiris.com will be dedicated to communicate with Indiegogo supporters that are following us till it will be useful to keep alive. In the future, it will be completely disbanded.

hiris.io will be the only website referring to the HIRIS technology. With this website we want to give new lymph to the project aiming to let new customer know HIRIS not as the wearable device but a brand about IoT technology both software and hardware.

– – –

Once again thank you for your interest on the HIRIS project.


Marco & Luca

About Marco & Luca

Marco and Luca are the two main founders of Circle Garage and the HIRIS project

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